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Some feedbacks about this website :

Ashraful Haque, Dighir Pam, Mandia, Barpeta

Dear sir,
I have surf your site which is very useful as well as informative to every Kayakuchian and also all Assamese of the state Assam.

With lot of thanks and Insha-Allah your site will live long.


Bibhuti B Thakuria, Boston, United States of America

Hi Sultan,

Nice to see a web page in the name of Kayakuchi which really surprised me. I was just looking for something in Barpeta and suddenly got into it. Assam is land of numerous caste & tribes but now in a dire state of extinction. Assamese language should be the the rope/chain which would tie them all in one community for the days to come. People like you from such a remote place have lot of responsibilities for making Assam a model state of unity and integrity. Even though Kayakuchi is dominated by bengali speaking people, person like Ismail Hussain has done a terrific job in building a bridge to the main stream people. I know the Kayakuchi Sahitya Sabha is doing great job in this direction already. Wish to visit Kayakuchi some day some time and work with you guys for the prosperity of Assam. Keep it up...........


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