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Kayakuch is a very underdeveloped place from all respect though it is also known as "DHARI NAGARI", the soul of Sarukhetri Constituency of Barpeta district of Assam. It's 11 km away from Barpeta town on the north-east side and 7 km away from Bhawanipur on 31 No. National Highway. Kayakuchi are represents Pub Betbari, Madhya Betbari, Uttar-Pub Betbari, a part of Uttar Betbari, Pachsim Paka, a part Dakhin-Pachsim Betbari, a part Pachsim Betbari, Dakhin Betbari and a part of Galia Gaon Panchayats (village councils) grouped under Paka, Betbari and a part of Bhawanipur Mauzas. Kayakuchi covers a total area of 100 km2 of Barpeta dist. Though it has lot of tourism prospects, the area couldn't see proper development due to the neglect of both its public representatives and the government. However a number of individuals are trying to accelerate development of the area on their own initiatives. Kayakuchi area covering village like Kuriha, Bhowkamari, Suagpur, Ata, Kayakuchi Gaon, Nali Gaon, Nalir Pam, Kayakuchi Pather, Kayakuchi Pam, Gumir Pather, Pani Maricha, Kapahartari, Maricha, Theka Colloney, Banbahar, Bamunbari, Fularguri, Rangialartari, Kathalortari, Khandarpar, Betbari Pather, Betbari, Kamalpur, Kamalpur Pam, Khablarbhitha, Putalartari, Bantipur, Jarabari, Tapa, Chakirbhitha, Maricha Pather etc, is socio-economically depended on Dhari (mat) industries, agriculture and fisheries. Of late the area has contributed to the state economy by producing high yielding varieties of "Eri" and "Boro" rice through private irrigation systems. Besides rice, the area also producing Mastered, Jute etc. in good quantity but perhaps it fails to get competitive market price for the produces.

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