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Mat Making at Kayakuchi Area

Bamboo Mats are one of the largely used items in Rural Assam taking in to consideration its multifarious use like temporary fencing, partition between room, sitting, covering, temporary urinal and latrine etc. Because of its affordable cost this item is abundantly used in north eastern states of the Country. These items are also supplied to different parts of the Country in large scale.

It any body goes to Kayakuchi (Kuriha) village of Pakabetbari Dev. Block under Barpeta District he will be immensely happy to see hundreds of workers, cutting Bamboo to different size, preparing bamboo blades and their smoothly preparing the bamboo mats of different size, different designs.

Although the work had been going on since a long time, and the return is very high, the actual benefits were grabbed by the financers, who paid very poorly to the mat makers, hardly sufficient to earn two square meals for the family. The workers had to sink themselves under personal loans from the private lenders and the financers in the mat making industry.

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